Have you got a passion for life and want to discover the joy of partner dancing?

Then come and join us every week to learn and enjoy the best social partner dance in the world!

Jive Addiction May 2016 - Sugar Step Basics
Modern Jive Weekender Video Lesson

Sugar Step is easy and fun to learn, but it is so much more than that too. Sugar Step has been proven and recognised as the stand out social partner dance. The only simple social dance style that is taught responsibly with the wellbeing of all dancers and their partners at its heart, Sugar Step is recommended by independent health specialists and recognised by its peers as the very best simple social partner dance.

So, whether you want to learn for fun and social or whether you want to progress into other, more integrate dance styles, you can't do better than starting with Sugar Step.

Jive Addiction May 2016 - Sugar Step Whips
Modern Jive Weekender Video Lesson

Sugar Step has solved all the problems related to old style/traditional/modern jives but retained the best elements - it's easy to learn and sociable and once you've begun to master the basics, you can safely learn new moves without naively hurting partners by using the force associated with old style/traditional/modern jives. Sugar Step may look similar to other jives to an untrained eye, but it is very different and will require learning the basic techniques to prevent causing harm to other dancers. Your understanding is appreciated in this matter and you are very welcome to join us, where you will receive all the help and support to enjoy the super smooth and flowing Sugar Step dance style.

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Sugar Step